Benefits Of Using Plaster For Your Walls

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Most homeowners plan each and every detail of their home when constructing or rebuilding it. They not only design the structure not their home but also choose the type of flooring, the type of doors and windows and even the colours to be painted for every room but they forget about the wall finishing to be used. The common methods of walls finishing are plaster and drywall. Due to the cost effectiveness of drywall most homeowners choose it but plastering the walls have a loads of benefits. Here is a list of the benefits of plaster and why homeowners must consider using it.


Plaster can be used to add different touches to different rooms in your home. Like ceiling panel, there is a variety of designs and styles you can choose from to use for the walls of your home. Apart from the variety of style plastering provides, it also gives a unique look to the space. The finish is amazing and unmatchable by any other wall finishing. Plastering is an added bonus when selling the home as well since the amazing texture instantly catches the eye of potential customers.


Plastering can be very costly to install therefore it is important that you buy plaster products Melbourne that are of good quality. Quality plastering is worth the cost because it makes the walls in your home durable for a very long period of time. Drywalls will last for a really short period of time compared to plastering. The multiple layers and coating in plastering makes the walls strong and hard so it is the best option especially if you have kids who will most likely ride their toy vehicles inside the home and crash onto the walls.

Sound Proof

The multiple coating and layers will not only harden the walls to ensure durability but the thick walls will ensure that sound doesn’t freely flow throughout the home. The sound barrier is essential when there are infants in the home because they can be easily disturbed by the surrounding noises. Also in the case of music rooms it is best to get the walls plastered and make the room sound proof.

Fire Resistant

Plastering is the best option if you have a fear of your home burning down in flames because unlike dry walls which easily crumble and break, plastering makes the walls resistant to fire.


Drywalls are extremely hard to smoothen and will not be a neat job. Whereas plaster installation is not only easier to smoothen but also doesn’t make the area messy and dusty.

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