Colouring Your Feature Wall? Tips To Choose The Colour

Feature wall is a really good trend that helps to transform the look of a room to something really unique. The trend is riding high because of its capacity of beautifying the room within a lower cost. It is a great part of home renovation.

The colour can be chosen depending on the present style and essence of the room or you can design the whole room in a new unique way depending on the colour of the feature wall. However, when you are working with reputed body corporate painters, you can discuss with them to know about the right colour for your office room. In this blog we are going to talk about the colour of the feature wall and also the ways to design the room.

Choose the colour:

The colour of the wall must be chosen wisely as it will add to the beauty of the wall. You may have seen a certain colour on a wall and want to apply that in your own wall. The colour may be beautiful, but it will certainly not create the same magic on every wall. It depends on the size of the room. A small room will never look beautiful with a feature wall painted with dark colours. It will make the room look smaller and may fail to create the effect you want it to. You can talk to your hired painting contractors at Gold Coast and discuss about the colour for the feature wall of a small room.

Never choose a room that is already overcrowded:

Feature wall is the main focus of a room. But if you choose a room that has too many furniture and pictures to capture the eyes, painting such a room will waste of money and time. The room will have many things to focus at ultimately losing the essence of the feature wall. So, choose a room that is not at all congested or redesign the room. You can eliminate some of the things and change the setting to incorporate the feature wall into a room.

Never go for more than one feature wall

I have already mentioned that the feature wall is going to be the focus of the room. So, it must be the wall which attracts the eye or is the background to the main thing in the room. But when more than one wall is painted, there is a chaos. None of the walls are able to capture the eyes. It creates an effect that can even be disturbing and the room will lose its beauty having too many feature walls.

Choose a complimenting colour:

Feature wall is the main focus f the room. The colour should be one that can complement the other walls and the whole setting of the room.

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