Design Your Space With Floor Tiles!


One of the biggest investment a person makes that takes up your time and money, is when redesigning your home! It is definitely not an easy task to design your home. Every detail speaks and plays its part in defining the mood, tone, and uplifts your home design. You may get your home repainted once a year, but that’s not what you do when you got to change your cheap floor tiles in Sydney! Your flooring sets the nature for the entire room, it helps you think further and pick out the right shade of paint for the walls, the colour of furniture, the colour of curtains, so you have to get your choice in the tile department made right. What makes it more difficult is to choose from a variety of good quality tiles that Initial Tiles has in stock to offer, of course, to make sure whatever look you decide to design your home, you know just where to go!  

Initial Tiles offer a wide range of variety tile options for Bathroom floors, kitchen floors, living room floor, outdoor and commercial flooring. What we are known for is providing design solutions from residential to commercial buildings and helping you to design your place just the way you dream of it being. This year the latest trend is in colours from grey to black, be it for flooring your bathroom, living room or kitchen floor. Whereas, matt black tiles for your floor has become designers’ latest pick for designing homes to offices as well! Not only the colour, but the surface of tile helps you acquire looks from modern rustic to retro, a contemporary touch to maybe chic looking style. If you want to make a statement home interior, your floor will play a lead role to do so, you can even opt from our different ranges of tiles and mix texture, surface, colour, size and this is what will make your living room flooring stand out. Pair up patterned square tiles in ceramic with single coloured tiles, or why not explore playing around with non-textured and textured surface.  And when you are designing your bathroom and kitchen floor, the floor tiles speaks volume and having the right pick, can make it looking from cheap to extravagant! From Matt to Polished, Honed to Lappato surface and to choose from variation of colours, we have got you covered in your needs. So now all you have to do is channelize your inner interior designer and head to Initial Tiles, while you can tell us what you picture your space like, we will help you put together the pieces, guaranteeing quality in the right price! Here’s what makes your imagination come to live? We’ll send you free tile sample to complete that picture! For more information, please log on to




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