How To Choose Right Tree Removal Company?

Tree removal is one of the tasks that you should not be attempting yourself. Unless its small plant or tree at its early growth. Otherwise doing it yourself will cost you far more than the cost of tree removal services. Tree removal services are purely an expert’s job, needs experience and proper training. As the size of the tree increase, the job gets more complex and risky. So it is always advisable that you should research well before finalizing any tree loppers Melbourne and the following factors should be checked thoroughly before awarding the contract;


The tree removal company should have valid licences to perform this job and must be registered with your local authorities. It is better to consult the list of tree removal companies published by your local council. Whenever you contact them do ask for their certifications. Becuase certified arborist needs to be on-site when the tree will be removed. They should be able to show form their record that they have certified arborist on their payroll. They should also have a minimum level-3 certification in arboriculture to perform this job. This will aid you to confirm that a certain company is qualified to perform this job and they have properly trained staff to carry out the job.


Tree removal company must have liability and employee insurance. Because during the good stump grinding in Melbourne, there can be an unfortunate incident which can cause damage to your property. In that scenario, you will be able to get the claim for your damages forms the insurance company. There is a chance that during the process, their employee can get hurt. The company should be having employee insurance to provide complete medical coverage to their employee. This is also a legal requirement for any tree removal company and your social responsibility that only compliant company must be doing this job at your site.

Fair and Transparent

Always ask for an itemized quote for their services. This will provide you with the visibility about their pricing structure and cost of each service which they will be giving. This will also aid you in comparing the prices of multiple tree removal companies and choose the best that offer value of your money


Always check for references about all the companies on your risk. If possible get the reviews from the previous client about the service quality. Choosing the cheapest is not always the best option as higher prices mean better quality of services. It is recommended to give a contract to the company with strong references. This will increase the chances of your satisfaction the same as of their previous clients.