Tips On Choosing The Right Picture Frame

Right after printing your precious photos, the next step is to choose the perfect image border that will make your image standout in your home or office desks. Frames can be a good wall decor or table accent that will grace your walls and tables for decades to come. Below are some tips to consider in choosing borders for your photos.

Image tone

It does not mean that when you have a black and white print out you will need a black mount as well. Do not focus in matching specific colors of images to the frame color. You have to consider the overall color tuning of every image that will match the border. Choose the border color that is not dominant in the photo to compliment the image and make the image appear bolder against the frame. Mat color and frame color should be different as well to give the full attention to the image rather than the border enclosing it.

Room decor

Whether you will put the images in your bedroom, living room, office or business establishment you have to contemplate on your existing decoration. Matching the image borders to your interior is actually more important than matching frames to your photo. Make sure to choose the right mount that will match to the theme of its surroundings. A classic room requires classy pieces that can add a little bit spark of contrast. You can poster frames online or in your favorite house ware or decoration shop. Different style, sizes and colors are always available in the market.

Wall color

If you decided to hang all your images or create a photo wall, make sure that your image border are not similar to the wall color to make the images more eye catching. Creating a photo wall will require lots of frames so better to buy trusted picture framing in Melbourne in good quality. Using same border colors and sizes will give you a tidy unified look photo wall while using different types can look more creative and can give more interest into the gallery of images.

Space available

What is the point of printing big portraits if you do not have enough space to place those images or buying small image border if you can not see it on an empty room? Make sure to have an estimate measurement of the place where you will put the images before printing it and placing in a border.

Photo size

There should be at least an inch or a little more space when you put the picture on its border to give emphasize on the image. Photo appears bigger and well-detailed when there is a little space from the border.

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