Common Roof Issues

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Undoubtedly, roof problems are a pain in the ass, not only they take time but also a significant expense. Roof issues are ineluctable as it ages and it can become even grave when it lacks proper maintenance and timely checks. There exist some prominent issues that are usually found on inspection.

  • Moisture and seepage
    Roofs with leaks are definitely a concern no matter what type they belong. According to Helene Hardy-director of the GAF Materials Corps, almost all the leaks happen around flashing where the membrane might be either terminated or interrupted. Backwater laps or Lack of proper installation of a moisture barrier in hot bituminous or torch applied modified bitumen roofs under a coping cap on parapet walls might be the reason of leaks. Also to avoid expense in the future over leaking roof repairs Brisbane, the seams of the roof must be glued or heat welded properly as membranes will absorb water themselves resulting in more problems.
  • Reduced wind uplift resistance
    Absence of proper cure of cold applied mod bit system on seams affects the wind uplift resistance because the seams with cold adhesives don’t hold integrity until cured. Moisture can infiltrate if seams get exposed to wind and rain conditions before curing, hence damaging the roof membrane.Single ply roofs may blow off or face billowing if not adhered to substrates in the right manner.
  • Craftsmanship and preparation
    Craftsmanship plays a very important role in the durability and endurance of the roof. The proper installation depends on the expertise and attitude of the craftsman towards the work. It would be a wise idea to ensure that the contacted crew is trained properly in installations for different roofs.Adhesion problems occur when the area hasn’t been primed, dried or cleaned properly before the installation. Material preparation is very important to carry out a quality installation.
  • Paucity of maintenance
    Maintenance is very necessary to ensure two aspects-financial and business appeal. The main problem is the gap in the awareness and general tips to be applied.
  • Safety
    Overheating asphalt can cause burns and fires; hence extinguishers should be kept along with the MRCA CERTA guidelines.Also, odors from cold applied mod bit systems because discomfort, hence outside air intakes should be included in the roofing system. EPDM roofs should be checked on the shrinkage frequently.
  • Surface erosions
    It is a symptomatic character of BUR to blister, ridge, split or have surface erosion. Blistering and slipping of flats occurs when asphalt heats with an improper temperature along with incorrect inter-ply integrity and dry laps.Also specific types of roof painting help in deflecting substances such as water or any other fluids to seep into the membranes. Prices should always be searched upon according to place, e.g.- A person living in Brisbane should specifically quote something like roof repair Brisbane.These were a few cases out of a dozen which can turn into big problems. Hence, as always prevention is better than cure.
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